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If you have any doubts about the need to replace your poly pipes, take a look at the pictures of a home that suffered from a single leak. These homeowners were away on vacation when a leak developed in the upstairs bathroom. More than 27,000 gallons of water ran through their home.

When they returned, there was four feet of water in the basement and $138,000 worth of damage to their furniture, carpets, wallpaper, wallboard, ceilings and priceless family heirlooms.

Call today for information and a first hand look at the inside of poly pipes and fittings. We offer free estimates within our standard service areas.

Welcome Home To A Poly Leak
"All of our first floor and basement ceilings caved in."
"In some cases, homeowners are finding that homeowners insurance companies will either cancel their coverage when extensive damage is caused by [polybutylene] or refuse coverage to homes piped with PB."
----Arizona Water Resource, the University of Arizona, November-December issue, 1994
My Grandmother's Hutch
"Not every PB system leaks, but the material is susceptible to corrosion when it comes into contact with chlorinated water, resulting in breakage and splitting of PB piping."
----Martin Schneider, The Baltimore Sun
My Husband's Study
"If your house has polybutylene water pipes, you might pray for them to burst soon, because money from a class action lawsuit ruling for faulty plumbing is running out."
----Chad Barwick, Island Packet, Hilton Head Island, June 30, 1998
Our Dining Room
"Our home was devastated"
"The pipes now are outlawed in Prince George's and Montgomery counties and elsewhere in the country."
----Kenneth Lelen, Washington Post, May 16, 1998
This was our heirloom dining room table.
"You could drive through a neighborhood [in San Antonio], and every street would have water running down it."
----Henry Cisneros, Mayor of San Antonio and US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, interviewed by Ed Bradley for 60 Minutes, December 30, 1990
This was our credenza.
"If the pipes aren't broken, there is nothing a homeowner can do," [Charlie Forton, codes enforcement officer for the Town of Hilton Head Island] said. "They just have to sit around and wait for it to break. It is a bad situation."
----Charlie Forton, Hilton Head Island
"Our floors and walls were buckling and waterlogged."
"Cascading water ruptured the ceiling in several places on the main level and poured down onto [Milton and Rhonda Schultz's] kitchen cabinets, newly decorated walls and oak floor. From there, it spilled into the living room and family room, destroying carpeting in its wake, and sloshed downstairs to the basement."
----Kenneth Lelen, Washington Post, May 16, 1998
"Your team was just fabulous. Our client raved about how meticulous they were in all of their work, from start to finish. She said the house looks better than when they started. That is a big compliment coming from Mrs. B. I also want to thank you for taking care of the problem so quickly. I'm sure we'll have another contract on the house within the next week or two."
----Agent for National Real Estate Company
"They were very conscientious and repaired all the damage to the walls better than they were to begin with...I even caught Ruffus dusting upstairs!"
----The Nicholls, Vienna, VA
"The project has entailed about 50% plumbing and 50% diplomacy. And your folks have done both well."
----Craig Windham, President, Condiminium Assoc.
"I only take time to write a letter to a business if the service has been exceptional. In your case, it was. The crew was just exceptional. They did a wonderful job and even went out of their way to do more than actually would have been required."
----Ann Steele, Burke, VA
"I have never before witnessed such a disciplined and talented group of craftsmen working on my home. The wall board repair looks even better than the original installation. I would not hesitate to recommend your company for future work."
----R.J. Larkin, Seaford, DE
"Each evening everything was cleaned and tidy by the time we got home...[W]e wanted to let you know that you have some outstanding people working for you."
----The Goldsmiths, Columbia, MD
"I must confess that my wife and I were expecting the worst. However, your crew made the entire renovation a joy. Your entire team deserves a hearty well done and our deepest appreciation for high quality work and friendliness!"
----W.F. Bass, Charleston, SC
"We would like to express our appreciation...Your crew was not only on time, they were also working constantly, neatly and professionally and each were very helpful in answering any questions we might have had."
----Laura Miller, Snelville, GA
"I had to tell you how much I appreciated a job well done. I've never seen any trade clean up like your men do. Our compliments!"
----Joyce and Bill Simons, Virginia Beach, VA
"Both employees displayed a level of courtesy, conscientiousness and dedication that is found too seldom in today's workforce. Throughout the time they worked in our house we considered their attitudes and work performance to be outstanding."
----Vice Admiral R.D. Herr, Annapolis, MD
"(Your) employees were prompt, courteous, and professional throughout the entire process."
----Darolyn Y. Cooper, Smyrna, GA
"I want to express my appreciation for the plumbing work that your employees completed at my residence. The workers were professional, polite, and did an excellent job in cleaning up after each day's work. As a claims adjuster for a well-known insurance company, I handle homeowner claims daily. I would recommend Plumbing Express to anyone who inquired."
----Tracey B. Dunn, Norfolk, Virginia
"In the 46 years I have been in this business, I have never worked with a better group."
----Bob Taylor, Property Manager, Winchester, VA
"Our claimant called and could not say enough about you all. She was extremely pleased with the professionalism of your people. She stated that they bent over backwards to get all of the work done in 3 days. She also stated that her home doesn't even look like a replumb went is perfect!"
----National Claims Adjusting Company
"I must thank and commend your company's work in the replump of my home. All of the craftsmen who participated were professional and very courteous and friendly. I could not believe the quality and thoroughness of the work performed."
----Pamela J. Tyranski, Claymont, DE
"Your workers were courteous, cautious, helpful and exhibited skill in all they did. Our experience with Plumbing Express could hardly have been more pleasant."
----Earnest Price, Jr., Durham, NC
"Your crew started and finished precisely on schedule, leaving the property in excellent condition. Being knowledgeable of construction matters, I personally inspected your workmanship after re-piping and again after final painting, and was impressed by both the neat, precise work, and the many small touches they employed which characterize high quality workmanship."
----Lawrence Le Doux, Annandale, VA
"I want to thank you and your crews for completing top quality work so efficiently, and for being so personable and friendly while in my home."
----Jan Edmonson, Rockville, MD
"I want to thank Plumbing Express for all the support and expertise in the replumbing of my home and completing it in a very professional manner. I would certainly recommend Plumbing Express to my friends that have polybutylene pipes."
----J. Thomas Shepherd, Raleigh, NC
"We expected you to create a mess and had some skepticism on the outcome. However, your crews not only went out of their way to minimize the impact, but also did a beautiful job. They are true professionals. I would recommend them at any time. The attention to detail, flawless workmanship and the way they cleaned the work area each day were especially appreciated."
----Scott S. Pinckney, Fairfax, VA
"It was virtually impossible to tell that a replumb had actually taken place. These men are to be commended for their professionalism and their attention to detail."
----Susie B. Slavinsky, Virginia Beach, VA
"Your workers were professional at all times. My questions were answered promptly and both men were very cooperative. Equally important, they cared about the quality of the work. The job was a difficult one and I am very pleased with the outcome. You should be proud of the diligence and competence of your men."
----Diane Dorfman, Chevy Chase, MD
"I am writing to express my sincere appreciation...Both men were extremely courteous and efficient in performing their duties."
----The Reverend Booker, Alexandria, VA
"My job for 30 plus years has been construction related. I would have been proud to have these three young men on any of the teams under my responsibility. Their workmanship was first class."
----James R. Brown, Marietta, GA
If you would like to read more about Plumbing Express, our field representatives all carry a notebook full of testimonials. They'd be happy to let you review the notebook, and answer any questions you might have.

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