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Buying a Home With Poly?

Most homes have some cosmetic and functional defects. When buying a home, you must decide what to repair immediately and what to leave for later. Because there is so much misinformation about polybutylene, we have attempted to clarify the issues so you will better understand the impact it will have on your home maintenance and improvement budget, and the possible consequences of delaying replacement.

"Wow! I wish I had known about this problem with polybutylene pipes before we bought our house a year ago. We have had 5 leaks in that time. Our leaks have occurred under the kitchen sink, in a bathroom vanity, behind a vanity in a bathroom, behind the wall going to the toilet, and behind the bathtub. I have had to take the house apart."
----Bill Baker

FACT: A home inspection cannot determine if poly is about to leak simply by looking at the outside of the pipe. Pipes deteriorate from the inside, and they can split under pressure.

FACT: Polybutylene pipes can leak anytime without warning - destroying furniture, family heirlooms, and even causing structural damage.

FACT: Homes with polybutylene plumbing sell for less.

FACT: Homes with polybutylene plumbing take longer to sell.

FACT: Homes with polybutylene plumbing will decrease in value over time compared to those with copper plumbing.

FACT: Class action eligibility for financial assistance begins to expire when the home is 10 years old.

FACT: Insurance premiums could increase or insurance companies could limit coverage in homes with polybutylene leak claims.

FACT: You may have no out-of-pocket expense to repipe a home. We can arrange for payment at the time of closing, for as little as $30 per month.

FACT: Sellers are often willing to split the cost of a repipe job in an attempt to expedite the sale of a home.

FACT: A copper repipe is about the same cost as a recarpet.

FACT: An average Plumbing Express repipe job takes less than a week.

FACT: Plumbing Express requires no move-out during the repipe process, and your water service is restored every evening when our technicians finish work.

See FAQs for more details on the repipe process.

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